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Fire Service Training

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    Off-hour tours available
    by special request.

    Fire Service Training

    Learn about Shipboard Firefighting
    The LAFDHS includes more than 1,000 active firefighters as members, not to mention more than 500 retired members of the department. Some of these firefighters have (or had) specific skills related to the fire service. Working in conjunction with current methodologies, practices, and resources, we are developing a series of training drills ideal for firefighters in the field.

    The first title is related to fighting fires aboard vessels in a port or harbor. Considerations for Shipboard Firefighting is a four-hour, practical lecture series idea for any agency interested in increasing skills related to this unique area of fire suppression.

    Developed by retired LAFD Fire Captain Tom Moran (more than 20 years of harbor and shipboard experience), this detailed drill covers a wide range of topics, ranging from lessons learned on past fires, identifying different types of vessels and the threats and risks they provide, SOLAS, dewatering, rescue, and much more. The last segment of the drill includes a sample incident of a fire aboard a vessel tied up at a pier. Additional components were originally authored by retired LA Fire Chief Douglas Barry, who served as a Battalion Commander in the harbor area and was responsible for all fire suppression resources in the district before assuming his present command.

    To learn more about Considerations for Shipboard Firefighting, please contact our education team via email at: education[at]

    You can also telephone us at (323) 464-2727